The awesome future tech opportunities fund invests in the most promising tech companies worldwide, whereas the investment focus of the fund is on companies that have the potential to change industries in the long term and to reshape sub-sectors through their technology. Each technology is considered in its entire value chain. This includes, among others, the sectors of hardware and software production, consumer goods retail, media & entertainment, medical technology as well as battery and sensor production. On average, at least half of the target portfolio will consist of Chinese technology stocks with international ambitions, with an equally high degree of confidence in Germany as a business location. In addition, diversification is possible into further stocks from the USA, the rest of Europe and South East Asia.

The basis for portfolio decisions is based on the following five investment hypotheses:
Artificial intelligence as the backbone of disruption
All sectors and industries are fundamentally changed and exposed to new rules by A.I. and mass data
Energy and mobility transformation as a central basis for decision-making
Fundamental need for solutions for storage and sustainable energy production, as well as the use of
new mobility solutions in different areas & industries
Connecting the world as a basis for industry 4.0
Growing demand for IoT solutions and wireless communication to optimise production processes
or to connect machines
Digital health as the new core to treat diseases more efficiently
Through mass data and cross-national intelligence, treatment methods can be optimised to improve
the health of each individual
Changes in consumer behaviour as a cross-industry influence
New channels, demands and preferences require innovative solutions for dealing with consumers
Every portfolio decision is based on a clearly structured 4-step process.
The respective sub-areas contain different analytical and qualitative methods to make appropriate portfolio decisions. Depending on the diversification applied, the portfolio
consists of 30-40 titles.
Market research & Dealflow in China and EU
Extensive market research and initial filtering according to the specified markets, industries and sectors
Filtering through our investment hypotheses
Holistic examination of each title on the basis of the investment hypotheses set
Analytical consideration
& Due Diligence
Review of the titles using all relevant key figures and intensive exchange with the awesome team in China
Profound stock selection & performance benchmarks
Dedicated review of all business units, acquisitions, news, board members, growth potential and more
Every investment is associated with opportunities and risks. Before investing please consider the following opportunities and risks:

  • Access to Chinese stocks, some of which are not tradable for many foreign investors
  • Opportunity to participate in the innovation-driven sustainable long-term growth of cutting edge technology companies
  • Attractive, balanced investment opportunities through diversified investment in promising technology markets like China and Europe

  • Price fluctuation and price loss through political and economic influences in both markets
  • Exchange rate risk on assets that are not are invested in the fund currency corporate ownership and management
  • Proven portfolio management approach to date does not guarantee future investment performance
  • Risk of loss on securities that are subject to unexpected developments due to lack of application of the corresponding show technology